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Matt Lafleur Eagerly Awaiting Spending New Draft Picks On QBs

Greenbay, WI- Having just acquired a first-round and second-round draft pick in a blockbuster trade that sent Davante Adams to Las Vegas, Packers Head Coach Matt Lafleur announced his plans and areas of attack to use the picks on. "With Davante gone, one might think it would be a good idea to draft a wide receiver and help Aaron out", said Lafleur. "But Aaron is only going to be around for four more years, and there are a lot of good quarterbacks in this draft available. Jordan Love is about to finish his rookie deal as well, and we'll need a replacement for him when he retires 22 years from now. Besides, we always have Randall Cobb, Marquez Valdez Scantling, and Allen Izard, who strike fear into the heart of every cornerback. I think in our best-case scenario, we take a project QB with our first-round pick, someone like, say, Kenny Pickett? With our last first-round pick, we take Malik Willis, who can immediately become our third-string QB. We can use our second-round picks on Matt Corral, and Desmond Ridder-ensuring the success of the packers for approximately 35 years. And don't worry- we haven't run any of this by Aaron Rodgers, nor will we. We have to assume he'll understand it's in our best interest as a team to draft 4 more quarterbacks." At press time, Aaron Rodgers announced he would be re-retiring.



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