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Mary Byrde To Help Saints Alleviate Cap Problems

New Orleans, LA-Well known money launderer and world class citizen, Marty Byrde, announced Tuesday, as part of his, and his family's philanthropical donations, that he would be lending his help to the Saints. "It's clear the Saint's cap situation is spiraling out of control, which we know all about, right honey?", said Byrde looking to his wife for approval. Byrde continued to explain exactly how he would solve the situation. "I think that there may be way for us to uhhhhh, errrr, "clean" the money via the Caiman islands. And I think I may be able to compromise an NFL commissioner too", said Byrde. Byrde did express hesitation over the conflict of interest, given that both his son and his former business partners, Ruth and Darlene, had betrayed him to alleviate the Buccaneer's cap situation. "By investing in the Saints, we help the team, the middle class football fans, and dive head first into politics by supporting Drew Brees when he inevitably runs for president in 2028", said Wendy Byrd, Marty' wife. In exchange for the help, the Saints allowed the Navarro cartel unlimited access to their pharmaceutical drugs. At press time the Raiders expressed disappointment over missing the opportunity to add yet another hall of fame criminal.

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