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Mark Davis Has Yet To Let Hot Date Know About Al Davis Effigy Living In Back Room

Las Vegas, NV-As Mark Davis welcomed his latest hot date to his hotel room, there were quite a few things he didn't tell her. Among them was the giant Al Davis Effigy in the back of his room. "It tends to scare women off", said Davis. "I have so few women interested in me already. I try to keep Dad in the back. He is an invaluable resource to me. I can ask him about anything.... women...... football... trades.... how to deal with Mr. Goodell. A lot of people think my father is dead... but they don't understand that he simply no longer exists in his body. He now possesses the effigy and communicates to me through telepathic thoughts and my prayer. If you think what Gruden emailed was bad you should see what my father telepathically communicates to me. Before I....... consummate with the women I always go and get my blessings from dad". When asked where he met women to "consummate" Mark Davis recommended the Bates Motel.



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