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Man Throws Money At Bum, Turns Out It's Just Aaron Rodgers

Greenbay, WI-Local man Earl James thought he was giving money to the homeless and helping his community Monday when he gave a 20$ bill to what he believed was nothing more than a regular average homeless Joe. That man ended up being none other than quarterback Aaron Rodgers. " I'll admit I hesitated when I saw the man-bun and thought maybe the homeless had decided to adept hipster culture for more money. But never did I think It would be Aaron Rodgers" said Mr. James. Aaron Rodgers gave his statements on the situations as well. "I decided to sit down because my back hurt, probably from carrying the team. But little did I realize that the entire SF populace were all homeless hipster men identical to me. After I sat down, this guy comes along and all of sudden throws a 20$ at me. At first, I thought it's just GM Brian Gutekunst coming down to try and negotiate my contract-but it ended up being a good Samaritan. To thank him for what he did I even lent him the Rodgers Rate". At press time, Matt Lafleur began to wonder whether it would be possible to replace Aaron Rodgers with a random member of the SF populace without anyone noticing.



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