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Man Targets Women With Jaguars Paraphernalia Because There's No Possible Way He could Disappoint Her

Jacksonville, FL-Local single Jamarcus Johnson announced his dating strategy during the 2021 NFL season and 2021 Tinder Season would be solely to seek women who are fans of the Jaguars. "If I seek women who are fans of the Jaguars, It doesn't matter what I do. Their expectations are so low for anything, it'll be impossible for me to disappoint. Much like the Jaguars, I could forget to show up, and she wouldn't be bothered in the slightest. I could forget to pay the bill, and she'd cover it. Just showing her the slightest of affection and attention for a day would be enough to lock her in for a lifetime, just like the Jaguars do any time a coach shows any signs of competence. And don't even get me started on cheating on her... Urban Meyer? Hello?" At press time, Johnson warned fellow singles of Brown's fans, who despite their historically bad franchise have both high expectations for their team and spouse every year.



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