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Mahomes Family To Release Jackson Mahomes

Kansas City, MO-The Mahomes Family announced Monday it would be releasing longtime member Jackson, after having been embroiled In a recent controversy with a restaurant in which he reminded them that he was "The greatest quarterback of all time's unathletic brother" before demanding he be seated. "Frankly, it's been a long time coming," said Patriarch and Current Father of the family, Patrick Mahomes Sr. "From the first moment I saw Jackson throw a ball, and then Patrick, I knew Jackson was going to have a short-lived career with us". The decision has been likened to the Manning Family releasing Cooper after he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. At press time, OJ Simpson announced he would be claiming Jackson off waivers. Jackson was unavailable for comment when reached but instead performed an interpretive Tik Tok dance for the available reporter.



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