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Mac Jones Taught Cam Newton What Football is, English Language

Below Cam and Mac discuss in what case which form of there/their/they're is used.

Foxborough, MA-As a rookie, Mac Jones had a full plate on his hands. Not only did he have to help veteran Cam Newton learn the playbook but also teach him English, and Football among other basic concepts. "The only thing Cam really understood about football was that it needs to be in the end zone. He didn't learn how to pass until later in his career, which is why he was so dependent on running", said Mac Jones. What people don't realize about Newton is that he actually fails to grasp the basic concepts of English. He didn't really speak in full sentences, and his writing was like that of a second-grader. I think he just scholorshipped his way through basic English. After teaching him what a noun and a verb was he started catching on pretty quickly, and we were even able to have full conversations". When asked for comment on these rumors Newton responded by grunting " Mac Jones good! Bill Belichick bad!".

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