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Lowlights Of The Jaguars 20 Game Losing Streak

From 9/20/20 to 10/17/21 the jaguars boasted an 0-20 record. Here are some of the lowlights of the NFL's longest losing streak ever until next year when the Lions inevitably beat it.

9/20/20 Jaguars actually outscore and beat the Titans 30-0 but all 30 points are redacted due to an missed holding call.

9/27/20 Forgets that just because you have cool hair, and wear jeans with a tight ass doesn't mean you're a good QB.

10/18/20 Jags lose to the Lions. Nuff' Said.

11/5/20 Jaguars trade Mascot for some heroin to finish cleaning house of 2017 roster.

11/8/20 Packers score 6 point touchdown, but are awarded 8 extra points for stylish touchdown dance, marking the first 14 point NFL touchdown.

11/15/20 Jaguars attempt to make tackle, miss, vow never to try again.

12/13/20: Derrick Henry, who only had 477 yards on the year rushes for 1550 against the Jaguars to finish the year with 2027 total yards.

12/21/20 Jaguars Sign Terry Godwin only to realize they meant to get Chris Godwin.

1/3/21 Entire 2020 Jaguars team commits Seppuku, freeing up cap space for the new regime.

4/29/21 Jaguars fall for younger, prettier Gardner Minshew, with tighter ass and better hair.

4/30/21 Jaguars realize they haven't squandered James Robinsons talent yet, so they immediately draft replacement.

7/25/21/Entire team has COVID party attempting to get put on IR, fails.

10/4/21 Urban Meyer Shamefully admits he cheated on Trevor Lawrence with Gardner Minshew during first team reps.



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