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"Losing?-She's my best friend," Says Crying Chase Claypool At Latest Press Conference

Claypool Adorably Gazing At Mrs. Losing Below

Pittsburgh, PA-After being questioned about his tweets last year that he had never heard of a mysterious woman known as Losing, Claypool recently fessed up that Losing was in fact none other than his best friend and part-time lover. At the press conference, a teary-eyed Chase Claypool copped to their relationship. "Last year I claimed that I did not know who Losing was. That statement..... was false", said Claypool holding back tears. "I have known Losing for over 22 years, but most recently she has become a big part of my life over this last year, or in more specific football terms the last 10 NFL games. I don't know why I claimed I didn't know her.. perhaps out of some shame.... an action I deeply regret." Claypool's press conference was interrupted by TikTok Star and sometimes football player Boo Boo Shoester trying to do the new devious lick challenge by stealing his jersey. Ben Roethlisberger then came in to take his regularly scheduled questions. When asked if he knew Losing, Ben Roethlisberger said he had never met her, nor had intercourse with her, and certainly not raped her in the back of a hotel.



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