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Lebron James Reveals He Removed Fans Because They Insulted Space Jam 2, Said Space Jam I Was Better

LA,CA-After controversy arose when Lebron James pointed two fans out to refs, who were then ejected, many have speculated what they could have said that would have offended, the stone-cold, emotionally strong, never offended Lebron James. In his last press conference, Lebron revealed just what it was that could shatter his cold heart. "They disrespected the cinematic masterpiece SJ2. SJ2 is Space Jam 2 and is yet another example of a perfect sequel, like Terminator 2, Back To The Future 2, and Predator 2. To insult its legacy, and insult its cast, and crew, myself included is ejection worthy. By insulting this movie they are personally attacking director Lebron James and Co-Director Malcolm D Lee whose visionary talents were responsible for masterpieces such as Undercover Brother, The Best Man, Roll Bounce, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Soul Men, Girls Trip. Scary Movie 5, The Best Man Holiday, Barbershop The Next Cut, Night School, and the upcoming cinematic masterpiece Hot Wheels based on the very cool toy. All of these movies combined have a collective 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, so don't disrespect his talents. While the first Space Jam was good its portrayal of one man carrying a basketball team was incredibly unfair. We all know the only way to win a basketball game is through stacking an incredibly unfair super team, and that was the true message of the movie. In the original Space Jam, we are taught messages about life, family, and expectations. My Space Jam surpasses these messages with an inspiring message of its own: Consume every product we advertise in this movie right now". At press time, Lebron Had announced the Lakers would be donning Space Jam Jerseys to promote his movie, and if anyone courtside fans showed up wearing anything else they would be ejected so sayeth God Emperor Lebron.



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