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Kurt Warner Really Exited Over New Movie Ad Read For Some Reason

New York, NY-During his latest announcing gig, Kurt Warner seemed to get incredibly exited over an ad read for a new movie called "American Underdog: The Story Of Kurt Warner". "This spring comes, a once in a lifetime movie, The incredible true story of an American underdog, like you've never seen before," Said Warner expressing more excitement, and using more adjectives for the ad read then any actual commentary he'd done in the past 15 years. Broadcast Partner Kevin Burkhardt made note of the unusual behavior. "Why Kurt seems to be so enthusiastic about yet another ad read for some generic half assed movie beats me", said Burkhardt. " I tried interrupting him to play call the 98 yard kickoff touchdown return but for some reason he kept cutting me off so he could finish the ad read. And every 5 minutes in the studio booth he kept asking me If I had plans to see the movie. I don't know how to break it to him, that I saw it and strongly disliked it as the main character was an insufferable ass with a holier than thou attitude". Another broadcast partner of Kurt Warner, Joe Davis added a story of his own. "Every commercial break we had, Warner started watching the trailer for the movie. I checked his YouTube. He's seen the trailer 47 times". Warner's exited ad read was compared to Peyton Manning's excitement during an ad read for ESPN's show "Peyton's Playbook".

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