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John Gruden To Sue 2010 John Gruden For Incriminating Statements

Las Vegas, NV-John Gruden filed a lawsuit Monday against 2010 John Gruden alleging his disgusting emails between 2010 Gruden and Bruce Allen have brought great emotional, financial and physical distraught to himself. "What 2010 John Gruden said were at the time some of the funniest things I have ever heard. What he failed to realize was that these same emails, years later could bring actual consequences against me. And for that, he must be punished. I am demanding restitution for losing my job, for the emotional distraught of being outcast by my peers, and the physical assaults Carl Nassib has attempted against me since the news came out. 2010 John Gruden should have realized the vast cultural changes that would take place in the upcoming decade, America's 2021 mentality, and above all else the pettiness of Roger Goodell when he made his decision to send those emails. At press time Bruce Allen announced he was suing 2010 Bruce Allen.

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