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Jerry Jones Praises General Manager Jerry Jones For Playoff Season

Dallas, Texas- Commenting on the Dallas Cowboys' apparent playoff-bound season, Jerry Jones did not hesitate to give credit where it's due by complimenting General Manager Jerry Jones and his draft selections, contract negotiations, team building, free agent signings, and his skills as an amazing mixologist. "Without Jerry, we wouldn't be where we are today", said Jones. "It's thanks to his genius, his grandson's genius, his long acquired skills of fucking people over, and his sexiness, that the Cowboys find themselves in their position. One shudders to think of what this Franchise would look like without him.. and his 5 playoff appearances in the last twenty years". Jerry also said it was a stroke of genius to hire Mike McCarthy, as well as have kids and therefore everything McCarthy and Jones's grandson accomplishes is really an accomplishment of GM Jerry Jones.

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