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Jerry Jeudy Traded To Raiders Following Arrest

Las Vegas, NV-Having just been arrested for a plethora of issues, including domestic violence, The Denver Broncos traded wide receiver Jerry Jeudy to the Las Vegas Raiders in exchange for a conditional third round draft pick that will turn into a first round pick if Jeudy commits another crime, and into two first round picks if it's a felony. "We've always loved Jeudy but what really sold us was his recently displayed ability to be a piece of shit", said Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis. "It's the same flashes he displayed at Alabama. His comparison to Henry Ruggs was another key factor in the decision. He surpassed expectations on and off the field when he was in Denver. Weather it was dropping balls or committing crimes, he went above and beyond. With Jeudy in Vegas we believe he can repeat that through a thousand yard season and a vehicular manslaughter charge." At press time the Raiders had inquired as to Earl Thomas's availability.



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