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Jared Goff Pleased To Go To A Team With Low Expectations For Their Team And Starting Quarterback

Los Angeles, CA-After a blockbuster trade between the Rams and Lions that resulted in a quarterback switch with Stafford, and Goff plus two first-rounders, many would expect Goff’s spirits to go down, going from a Superbowl contender to a team rebuilding its franchise. Goff, however, appears to be very pleased with his newfound team. In his inaugural press conference, Goff said he was glad to be here. "This is a team I am ready to be a part of, not just because of its rich history of losing, but its low expectations for their starting quarterbacks. When I was in L.A my individual success or lack thereof was often the difference between a win and a loss. Here it makes no difference because we are going to lose either way. The fanbase in Detroit is fantastic as well. No longer will I be expected to but above average stats. Instead, I will be expected to be slightly below average stats, and nonetheless heralded as a hero. It doesn't matter if I get along with my coaches because they'll be gone in two years anyways" concluded Goff. At Press time Goff was seen buying a gun.



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