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Jaguars trade mascot for 7th rounder

After dealing nearly every part of the Jaguars 2017 playoff run the Jaguars finally reached the final component. On Monday the Jaguars announced they would be trading Jaxon De Ville, the team's mascot for over 20 years to the Detroit Lions. The Lions mascot Roary quit last year after getting drunk, and hitting on Matthew Stafford. In exchange for the mascot, the Jaguars will receive a 2021 7th round pick, which they can add to their massive collections. Although fans will be sad to see the longtime mascot go, the Jaguars will be able to use all 40 of their 7th round draft picks that they received for trading players over the last year to rebuild the franchise into the glorious powerhouse 5-11 team that it once was.



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