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Ja'marr Chase: NFL Ball Is Harder To Catch Than Nerf Ball, Harder To See Without Fins, Color, Foam

Below, the ball that Chase used during his football upbringing.

Cincinnati, OH-Bengals' first-round draft pick and star receiver Chase has been disappointing in the NFL thus far with problematic drops being the main cause. Chase in a press conference Tuesday addressed the concerns. "I struggled with catching the ball because the NFL ball is so much different than what I'm used to. For my entire life I have done nothing but play with my Nerf Extreme 32.99$ ball and without the orange coloring and bright blue logo it's harder for me to see the ball. Plus Nerf balls got those foam holders, whereas the NFL balls have laced. And perhaps the most important part of the Nerf Ball is the fins, which are nowhere to be found on an NFL ball. I mean how can Nerf claim in their ads to be preparing people for football, and mass-produce a ball that has no commonality with the NFL's?" At press time, Chase was considering legal action against Nerf.

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