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Isaiah Stewart To Sign With Raiders

Las Vegas, NV-Citing his physicality that was clearly meant to be on a football field after manhandling many Lakers players and teammates, his reckless behavior, and his emotional mindset, The Raiders seemed very interested in the rising star. Head Coach for the Raiders, Rich Bisaccia gave his thoughts on the signing. "If there's one thing we do well, it's irrational anger and recklessness. No one here knows how to do that better than Isaiah Stewart. If he can take on 7 basketball players, coaches, and security guards, imagine the potential he has as a starting defensive lineman. The speed he displayed while chasing Lebron James through the tunnels was a clear display of linebacking talents. Beyond his physical capabilities are his mental ones. And boy, does he possess the instincts of a Raider... I haven't seen such passion, anger, and disregard for your opponent's life since Vontaze Burfict's debut with us. His total disregard for his teammates, crowd, and fans is exactly the kind of disregard our high-class players such as Ruggs, and Incognito have come to represent. We cannot wait until Isaiah Stewart similarly explodes with off-the-field issues that once again take the pressure off how awful our team has played for the last four weeks".



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