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Injured NFL Players Return To Game Despite Injuries After Realizing Fantasy Football Impact

Saquon Barkley was among the many injured players who, this Sunday, came to the discovery that their injuries would be harming hundreds of thousands if not millions of fantasy teams. Saquon put out a press conference talking about his newfound perspective. "About a day after I got injured I got a DM from a man named _doingyourmom69. He told me the heartbreaking story of how my Injury had personally ruined his fantasy week-- and possibly his fantasy season. It was right then and there that I knew I had to do something". And did something Saquon did, when on Sunday, despite an ACL tear, he ran back onto the field, with 21 attempts for 115 yards and a touchdown. Saquon was far from the only player to be touched by the fans. Christian McCaffery received several DMs of his own, bringing to his attention the impact his injury had in the Fantasy World. "When "PanthersPound42" messaged me "I hope you kill yourself for running my fantasy team", I knew I had disappointed the Fans, and had to be better than that. There are some things more important than your health. Like our loyal fan's fantasy teams", said McCaffery, who put up 140 total yards and three touchdowns. "Even though I'd ruptured my shoulder... I knew people's fantasy seasons were on the line", said Kirk Cousins. "So I did what any reasonable human being does with an injury like that. I got back on the field, and threw for 400 yards, 5 touchdowns, and ran for one, ensuring Fantasyguru12 would finally beat his Uncle. Sure, I knew my long-term health was on the line as well as my team's postseason future, but these were easily outweighed by the fantasy football pool of money my owners stood to win". At press time, Aaron Rodgers purposely turned the ball over 8 times and threw only screen passes for negative yards after being made aware of his Fantasy Impact.



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