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Henry Ruggs Cleared Of All Charges After He's Found To Be Vaccinated

Las Vegas, NV- Henry Ruggs III who was charged with manslaughter after drunk driving at 150 MPH was cleared of all charges yesterday after a medical examiner revealed he was, in fact, vaccinated. "What Ruggs did was horrible, perhaps even unforgivable. But make no mistake. This could have been far worse. What kind of monsters kills people with their car going 160 and drunk, while unvaccinated? Had he been unvaccinated he may have even spread covid to the individual he hit, which could have been truly deadly. Imagine if Aaron Rodgers had driven the vehicle? That would have spread covid! Someone who is unvaccinated is someone who doesn't understand personal responsibility, unlike Henry Ruggs who made the right choice in choosing to mask up when he ran the woman over, and her dog at 150 miles an hour. Most players, wouldn't have gone the extra step to wear a mask while vaccinated." concluded the examiner. "Rugg's commitment to responsibility is truly incredible and is worthy of a pardon, and perhaps a medal" concluded the presiding judge during the dismissal of charges. At press time Zac Stacy was pursuing vaccination as a valuable legal strategy against his domestic violence, and attempted murder charges.



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