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Harbaugh: Our Decision To Stop Using Analytics Was Based On Analytics

Baltimore, MA-Having been criticized for his frequent use of analytics to make game-time decisions, John Harbaugh finally got rid of analytics after data showed it often made the wrong choice. "Our analytics overwhelmingly showed that when we used analytics in the game it failed. Listen to these stats: 90% of the time when we relied on percentages to dictate decisions, it failed. When we relied on stats scaled out of 10 to make a decision, it failed 9 out of 10 times. When we relied on stats scaled to a hundred to make a decision, 97 times out of 100 it failed. Every game stimulation we ran where we used analytics, we lost. The data is clear: reducing a game as complex and nuanced as football into data doesn't work. From here on out, decisions will only be made on something logical and tangible, that of astrological star signs". At press time, coordinators, and assistant coaches breathed a sigh of relief having believed automation was going to take their jobs.



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