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George Pickens Shoots Opposing Cornerback, Runs In For Touchdown

Pittsburgh, PA-Confirming reports he was in fact a dawg, George Pickens appeared to reach into his pants and pull out a Glock 17, which he then used to shoot opposing cornerback Marlon Humphries during Sunday's game before running in for a touchdown on the play. "You gotta love the gritty toughness he displayed", said NFL expert and apparent homicide witness Stephan A Smith. "How many players are able to score on a play like that?" Fellow NFL expert Michael Irvin agreed, saying "What he did will change the game forever. And on one particular coke binge, I had a very similar idea". When asked if he had created a culture of lawlessness, Mike Tomlin simply said "it is what it is" before celebrating the win in the locker room by firing an AK-47. When reached for comment Picken's representatives continued to reemphasize that while a gun had never been used before no rule says it can't be used. At press time Steelers fans seemed confident knowing there was no way Pickens could become a diva.

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