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Frank Caliendo To Replace John Gruden As Raider's Head Coach

Las Vegas, NV-Hoping to replicate the motivational skills of John Gruden in the locker room, the Raiders announced they would be hiring impressionist Frank Caliendo as their head coach. "Our plan is to gaslight the NFL, the Raiders, and the fanbase into believing Caliendo is in fact, John Gruden. We have prosthetics for him to wear, and a very strict diet to follow. Under no circumstances will he be within 150 feet of an email. Caliendo is a perfect method actor. And there is no better for him to prove this than by succeeding at Gruden's Job". Caliendo/Gruden promised a "Winning Season, Man!". At press time, the Raiders also had announced they would be having Caliendo method act through his best impression of General Manager Mike Mayock.



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