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Fractured Dolphins Locker Room A Result Of Brian Flores Inability To Pronounce Tua Tagovailoa's Name

Miami, FL-Reports of a fractured Miami Dolphins locker room, specifically due to conflict between head coach Brian Flores and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa surfaced this week. The report states that the two got into arguments frequently, all rising from head coach Brian Flores's inability to pronounce Tua Tagovailoas's name. The incident occurred during a team meeting where Flores, who normally calls players by their last name, looked at Tagovailoa hesitated, and then said "Tua". In response, Tua asked him why he hadn't referred to him as his last name, and whether or not he could pronounce it. "Of course, I can pronounce your last name", said Flores. Tua then challenged him to. Flores pronounced his name three different times, as Tua-Two-Glov-Ia, Ta-Glov-Ia, and Two- Go-Liva, leading Tua to leave the locker room, saying "You don't know how to talk to people!" In response, Flores yelled "Christ this is why I wish we had drafted Herbert." At press time, Stephen Ross had fired Flores due to the pronunciation of his name as "Russ"



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