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Ex Fantasy Football Addict So Desperate To Recreate High He's Trying Fantasy Basketball

Akron, OH-Having been 6 years sober from fantasy football, local addict Will Marks recently seems to have begun using a different but similarly potent form of fantasy abuse: Fantasy Basketball. Experts estimate nearly 40 million Fantasy Football addicts just like Marks have switched to this. This form of fantasy sports is far less harmful and far less addictive, but the lack of fun that arises from it can lead recovering addicts to once again go back to Fantasy Football. "Many install it thinking they will be able to recreate the high and raise dopamine levels to what they were during the football season. Oftentimes, they are wrong, and the experience reminds them of their potent fantasy football high, leading them to go back to the drug and re-offend." said one Medical expert. "Nothing will ever recreate the high of winning your fantasy football league with an auto-drafted team against your friend who takes it a little too seriously, certainly not fantasy basketball". Marks was later found reassuring his family that he could handle 2 Dynasty leagues, seemingly addicted once again. Leading Fantasy Doctor Matthew Berry had not yet announced plans on how to combat the disease. At press time, scientists recommended Fantasy Baseball as a way of disgusting even the most ardent fantasy addict so much they would never touch any fantasy sport ever again.



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