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Ignorant Fantasy Owner Not Constantly In Panic Or Despair

Akron, OH-Local fantasy Owner Daniel Jameson continues to amaze friends at his lack of investment in the fantasy football season. "Doesn't Daniel realize his season is on the line here?" said Fellow player and friend Steve. "If he wins... he will be able to harass and bully his friends for the rest of the year..... that's something you just can't put a price on". Fellow league member and friend John chimed in as well. "Doesn't he know how much money he could be making?" referring to the 100$ reward the league full of grown men, with 6 figure jobs had successfully pooled together. "Daniel has yet to change his lineup since he drafted it. Just today alone, I've spent two hours debating whether to start Taysom or Dak", Said Commissioner Jeff. "I have notifications on for ESPN so every time anything in the NFL happens I know immediately. The only thing Mike has notifications are is his wife. Mike just makes his waiver claims the night before-if he does any at all...and that's not even including how he pays zero attention to a player being questionable". At press time, Mike had attributed his lack of investment in fantasy to a surplus of investment in his wife and kids.

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