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Guy Who Lost 3k On Stocks Also Big Fantasy Football Player

Sacramento, CA-Reports circulating show that John Hughes, who lost nearly 3k in stocks this year, also is in 4 fantasy leagues, 2 of which are dynasty, and which have cost him a total of 2200$. Hughes had reportedly claimed this was his year repeatedly in regards to his fantasy team as well as that this was the year he would finally create his own stock portfolio and invest reasonably. He emphasized a distrust in authority throughout, saying that Matthew Berry and Jim Kramer were members of the fantasy and stock establishment respectively. Each week, Hughes spent more money on waiver claims, believing this was the claim that would save his season before ultimately cutting the addition next week. Similarly, while picking a new stock, Hughes would invest 200$, watch it drop, and immediately sell. "No more risky decisions," said Hughes as he proceeded to invest in cryptocurrency and pick up Robby Anderson. "I'll only follow advice from certified experts who aren't brought out", said Hughes before taking both stock and Fantasy advice from random Redditors. Among his worst decisions of the year was listening to the buy now on AMC and drafting Trevor Lawrence. At press time the center for no shit, who had funded the report, also revealed that 90% of NFT owners were adult men who's mothers had thrown out their valuable baseball card collection.



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