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Everyone In Heisman House Doing Best To Ignore Former Heisman Winner O.J Simpson

Heisman House, Tennessee-Reports circulating confirmed, that all 67 remaining members of the Heisman house, winners since the trophy was first created in 1935, have done their best to ignore black sheep, current resident, and well known murderer O.J Simpson.

"He tried getting in on the Nissan ads, and that was bad enough", said Kyler Murray. "We had to explain he just wasn't marketable any more, and it certainly wasn't in his best interest to pitch the Nissan as a fast car you can use to flee any crime scene".

"Jesus can forgive a lot, but not even Jesus can forgive OJ" said Tim Tebow. "There's definitely been some weird events that have occurred in this house......between Manziel's break downs, gambling and alcohol addiction, Ricky Williams weed addiction, and Herschel walkers multiple personalities. Hell, even Jameis Winston had a few run ins with the law. But nothing comes close to seeing OJ's dead eyes as he asks you to change the TV channel,"

OJ, who has resided in the house since he was released from jail in 2018 tells a different story. "The guys love me", said OJ.

"Last week he asked me if I wanted to golf with him. When I said no, he picked up a knifes and did a striking motion. We have a tee time for next week at 12.", said Mark Ingram.

At press time OJ had struck up a friendship with resident and fellow piece of shit Johnny Manziel.

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