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Every NFL Team To Shit On Field Before Game After Seeing Bill Belichick Do It

Foxbourgh, NE-Having seen unanimous goat coach Bill Belichick take a shit on the field before Sunday night's Patriots game, the entire NFL preceded to incorporate it into their playbook. "To me, this move signals yet another trend Bill Belichick started, similar to how he discovered the first White WR in the NFL back in 2006", said analyst Stephen A Smith. "I mean if Bills shitting on the field, there has to be a reason for it. Maybe he's playing mind games with his opponents. Maybe he's strategically marking his territory. Or maybe the soil absorbs the shit and it affects the field playing condition. All I know is if Bill is doing it I'm doing it too", said Titans coach Mike Vrabel. "I would never steal a concept from another coach, said Rams coach Sean Mcvay before proceeding to urinate on the field- a play he said was brand new and concocted by him. At press time Josh McDaniel claimed he had created the ingenious concept first.



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