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Even Off The clock, Urban Meyer Appears To Be Seen Working On Snapping Technique For Jaguars

The blonde woman below, whom Meyer mistaken for QB1 Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville, FL-When Urban Meyer was hired to be the head coach of the Jaguars, many hoped he would solve the issue of work ethic and laziness that has plagued the franchise since its inception. Look no further than the video evidence we have acquired and has been spread across the internet as proof of this. Despite being off the clock, nor paid, Urban Meyer took time to work on snapping technique while at a bar with what appeared to be a young woman. He gently placed his fingers under her rear as she ground up against him in proper center form. He asked her to make adjustments and angle herself in a more errect way in order to better simulate the issues his quarterbacks may face under center. This shows his commitment to his players and their success, even going so far as to replicate their situations to help solve their problems. Urban meanwhile sensually whispered into her ear " Omaha. 9-13. Blue! Blue! 18. Set, Hike!". Before slapping her ass in conclusion of the simulated snap. With an overtime work ethic like this, its clear to see the Jaguars have found their man.

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