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Even Congress Shocked At How Incompetent Rodger Goodell is

Washington, DC-Reports following the NFL's congressional hearings showed that Congress found themselves shocked by the level of incompetency displayed by NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell. "When Goodell said he didn't have the power to remove Snyder despite wielding that same power to do damage the league in about 100 other ways, I almost believed him", said one senator. "I mean for all the money he gets paid, you'd think he'd be able to do his job", said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Democrats, and Republicans appeared to be united on the issue of Goodell's incompetency with Ted Cruz commenting" It seems like all he's really invested in, is maintaining the status quo. ""Normally we mess up on providing basic essentials to Americans. Rights, gas, economic. Yet somehow we are better at this, then Rodger Goodell is at running a Childs sport. I know all about evading questions-but Goodall truly put on a master class", concluded Nancy Pelosi. At press time, Congress had asked if the NFL was looking for a new commissioner with a similar level of incompetency. and one who had experience in covering things up, ignoring questions, and being obtuse



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