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Even Carlos Hyde Not Sure Why He's Starting

Jacksonvile, FL-After Urban Meyer's apparent approach to the run game seemed to favor average veteran Carlos Hyde over freshly footed young blood James Robinson, who was a top 5 back just last year, many were left confused. Among them, was Carlos Hyde himself. "I thought after my fifth fumble Urban would get it through his thick skull of his", said Hyde. "But nope, he gives me the ball another 1500 times. I signed up to play backup, not start. I don't know what Urban has against James. But he better change it quickly, because I do not want to keep starting. Robinson is younger than me, cheaper than me, and most important of all- better than me. Urban needs to accept I am not the back he coached at Florida state, nor are the Jaguars Florida state. If we were we might actually win some games". At press time Urban had announced he understood Carols Hyde's comments, and would instead be starting him at Quarterback from here on out.



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