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Entire World Shocked To Hear Richard Sherman Involved In A Domestic Altercation

Redmond, WA-The entire world let out a collective gasp Monday upon hearing the news that Nobel prize-winning cornerback Richard Sherman was involved in a domestic altercation. Sherman was arrested and charged with 5 counts including Domestic assault. "But why?" said one fan, who said Sherman's on-the-field behavior clearly established himself as a humble young man. One such "Shermanite" as they prefer to be called said it's entirely possible that his wife brought it upon herself, especially if his wife partnered Sherman with a sorry-ass receiver like Crabtree. The world had not experienced shock like this since when Ray Lewis, Nobel Peace Prizing winning linebacker was accused of murder. Or when Vontaze Burfict was arrested for assault. How the world plans to recover from such shock was unknown at press time.



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