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EA Eagerly Awaiting Using John Madden's Death To Make Millions Of Dollars

Redwood City, CA- EA Sports, popular gambling company, as well as sometimes sports stimulation best known for it's Madden franchise, recently revealed that the death of legend John Madden will allow them to rebound the once barren franchise. "Our franchise is failing, and we needed something to bring back the sales. The only thing we could think of was fixing the game but ultimately that was too time consuming and required too much effort. Thankfully, John Madden passed away, and now, we can use people's nostalgia to buy our shitty game", said the EA representative. "We don't even have to fix half the bugs. Fix 1/4 of them, and then repackage Madden 22 as the "Madden 23 Honorary John Madden Ultimate Diamond Elite Mahomes And Brady Edition", and watch the billions flow in", concluded the Representative. At press time, EA announced John Madden would be a playable coach for just 19.99, adding that such a purchase would bring a sense of "pride and accomplishment" to the player.



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