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Donald V Garret 2022 Pay Per View Fight Announced

LA, California-With both players looking for a worthy opponent on and off the field, Aaron Donald, and Myles Garret announced they would be fighting in 2022. Though the fight would take place not on the field, but in a ring, no helmets will be allowed to be used by either player to bash the opponent's head in. Both players believe the fight will be a good way to resolve the anger they've built up in the NFL and have used on teammates and opponents. The fight will be sponsored by Dana White and the UFC and feature commentary from both Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers. "I'm surprised they're fighting" said one person who asked not to be named for fear of having his skull caved in. "They have so much in common". At press time it was reported that Ndamukong Suh would be facing the loser and that Garret alleged Aaron Donald had called him the N word.

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