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Doctors Announce Justin Field's Time Table However Long It Takes For Matt Nagy To Be Fired

Chicago, Illinois- After taking a brutal rub injury, Justin Field's doctors announced how long it will be until he is medically eligible gets back in the lineup. "Our medical analysis is that field's injury is potentially 1 week to a career-ending. All of this depends on when Matt Nagy gets fired. In a rare medical case, Justin Field's ribs appear to be refusing to heal until Nagy is fired. When we said Matt Nagy Fired, his white blood cells began to move. When we said he got a contract extension, the cells showed no sign of movement. This is truly incredible on a medical level, but on a professional level, Nagy is both figuratively and physically putting Fields life at risk every time he decides to coach. For the health of Nagy, The millions of Bear's fans who all have serious cornea heart diseases, and Justin Fields, we recommend he immediately quit or be fired". At press time, Aaron Rodger's doctors were seen scrambling to find similar results.



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