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Detroit Lions Fan Lets Rams Fans Have Relations With Wife As Thanks For Bringing Stafford A Ring

Detroit, MI-Seeking a way to thank the Rams for taking former QB and hero of the Detroit Lions, Matthew Stafford, to his first Superbowl, Detroit Lions Fan Mikey O'Neil, offered sex with his wife to any one of the Rams fans. "We felt that rooting for you, selling your merch, and even wearing it wasn't enough", said O'Neil. "So to any Rams fans out there, I offer you, my wife, as thanks for bringing Matthew Stafford his first Superbowl ring. The temporary pain I feel watching another man have sex with my wife is nothing compared to the permanent euphoria I feel knowing Stafford has a ring. To any Rams player, you can do whatever the hell you want to my wife. Trains... whatever. Nothing is off-limits." At press time, O'Neil's wife was unaware of the offer her husband had made.

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