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Deshaun Watson Traded To Cleveland State Prison Correctional Team

Cleveland, OH- The Cleveland State Prison Correctional Team and The Houston Texans have reached an agreement for Deshaun Watson, that sends Watson to Vegas, with the Texans gaining free prison labor jerseys, a first-round draft pick in the prison draft, Kellen Winslow II, and Darren Sharper. Cleveland Manager and part-time Warden Aaron Summers believes the transition will come naturally for Watson. "The similarity between the prison system and the NFL system is incredible. Factor in that about half of all domestic assault convictions are NFL players and you have a team that Watson can adjust to very easily. We run a smash-mouth offense, oftentimes too literally, which appears to have been Watson's choice in the big leagues. The team is excited to have not only a well-established star Quarterback but also a star rapist", concluded Summer. Kellen Winslow II and Darren Sharper will shave time off their sentences by participating in community service by willingly playing for the Houston Texans. The Texans were pleased at their acquisition of a first round prison draft pick, with Head Coach David Culley praising the decision. "Many great NFL players have started as criminals, and many continue to be criminals, so the opportunity to make a pick from a room full of criminals to me is no different then the NFL draft". At press time Summer called Watson the most exciting prospect to enter the prison system league since OJ Simpson.



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