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DeSean Jackson Beginning To Think Wearing SS Uniform To Meeting With Goodell Not So Good Idea

New York, NY-After becoming the center of controversy due to some anti-semitic statements Desean Jackson made, Commissioner Roger Goodell organized a meeting to resolve the issue and repair the league's already curb stomped reputation. However, the league's reputation appears to be preparing for a funeral, as star WR Desean Jackson showed up to the meeting in a full SS outfit along with a fake Hitler mustache. As Desean Jackson entered the room he heard none other than a collective gasp from league management. "Are they gasping because they respect the fit, or because they don't like it?" questioned Jackson. As Jackson sat down, he noticed some people get up and storm out of the room. "Are they leaving to tell people how cool my fit is, or are they leaving because my fit disgusts them so much they leave the room? I knew I shouldn't have shown up in the SS uniform. This crowd would definitely have preferred my Black Panther outfit", concluded Jackson. Goodell then passed Desean Jackson a contract to pinky promise to no longer be anti-semitic.

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