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Daniel Jones Magically Becomes Good Following Tyrod Taylors Injury

New York, NY-Following yet another Injury, Tyrod Taylor's backup appears to have become magically good, this time that of Daniel Jones. Though previous backups who were given the gift of talent through the sacrifice of Tyrod Taylor were typically young and inexperienced rookies, Daniel Jones marks the first time a veteran had gained talent simply due to sitting behind Tyrod Taylor. Despite having years of mediocre to below average game on tape, Daniel Jones was a new man following the injury, throwing for 400 yards and four touchdowns. At press time, several teams had reached out to the giants for the possibility of trading for Tyrod so they could sacrifice him and allow their rookies to prosper and succeed. Rumor that Jones had contributed to Tyrod's injury in an attempt to suck his talent life force from him were denied.



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