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Dan Campbell Admits He Stole Gameplan From Watching 19 year old Son Play Madden

Detroit, MI-After a wild Sunday game between the Rams and Lions that featured onside kicks, and fake punts, many were wondering where Head Coach Dan Campbell pulled this bag of tricks from. During his press conference Monday, Campbell revealed these plays came straight out of his son's Madden playbook. "I was watching Cody play Madden 22 last night against a guy named xxxdoingyomomxxx99. I noticed both teams took extreme risks throughout, be it two-point conversions, fake punts, or onside kicks. My son pulled off two perfect fake punts that ended up winning him the game. And his early game momentum was dependent on an onside kick he attempted. I don't think I saw a single field goal, punt, or regular kick that whole game...... and I thought that would be the perfect strategy for us to employ. I knew playing by Madden rules couldn't possibly produce worse results than what we did the previous 6 weeks. Of course, my son didn't have Jared Goff, so he won his game". At press time, Campbell mentioned the possibility of following his son's game plan further by calling a screen pass every single play, and engage 8 every time on defense.

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