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"Come To Think Of It Trent Baalke Kicked Me Too" Says Jaguars Former Kicker Josh Lambo

Jacksonville, FL- Kicker Josh Lambo came out this Monday with more shocking news, this time detailing abuse from the Jaguars upper management. "You know, I was thinking about my brief time with the Jaguars this year, and I totally forgot a key part of it. Trent Baalke actually kicked me too, not just Urban. In fact, I recall Trent watching the whole Urban thing unfold then coming behind and kicking me. Then, the entire staff, and front office held a single file line to kick me, so I really think the only safe way to avoid a lawsuit would be to... say... fire all of them?" Jaguars fans welcomed the news, and had built a Gold statue of Lambo outside TIAA stadium in the brief 4 hours since the announcement occurred. At press time, Lambo announced Shad Khan had also kicked him.

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