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Cleveland Browns To Hold PTA Meeting To Discuss Baker Mayfield

Cleveland,OH-After concerns from many athletes' parents over the quality of quarterback Baker Mayfield's play in recent weeks, the Cleveland Browns announced this Monday would mark their first annual PTA conference, allowing parents the ability to make their voice heard when it comes to team decision making. "No longer will you be forced to make yourselves known through horribly recorded Instagram live videos or poorly composed tweets", said Head Coach Kevin Stefanski. "From now on, the parents will have the ability to display their impressive football knowledge right to the organization, where we will most certainly take it under advisement just like your little league team took under advisement that your son would be a great pitcher". Kareem Hunt Sr, in particular, was eager to speak to the "manager" of the browns. Although Odell Beckham was released by the Browns, Odell Beckham's father nonetheless attended the event. At press time, Baker Mayfield's Father could be seen donning garb from the roman coliseum and carrying an Ax, daring other parents to insult his son.



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