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Cleveland Browns Order Restraining Order Against Baker Mayfield

Cleveland, OH-Citing irreconcilable differences, The Browns announced they would be getting a restraining order against current and former QB Baker Mayfield. "We tried moving on.. but time and time again Baker kept coming back", said Brown's general manager Andrew Berry. "We felt this was the best move not only for us but for Baker, though he may not believe it just yet." Baker reportedly realized he was barred from the Browns after attempting to film a commercial in the stadium. "It's not Baker's fault, it's ours", said Head Coach Kevin Stefanski. "No wait, It's entirely Baker's fault, because he sucks." The restraining order states that Baker is not allowed within 500 feet of the Browns stadium for the next 5 years, meaning he will have to be traded to an NFC Opponent, should he leave the team. Perhaps most horrifying of all, Baker will be banned from filming any commercials there, although as per Deshaun Watson's request Emily Mayfield is "welcome any time".

Baker gave his side of the story, calling the Browns "a cheating whore", along with other things which we cannot print. When asked if there was a possibility Baker could start for the Cleveland Browns if Watson were to be suspended, Kevin Stefanski simply said "ew, as if."

At press time, the NFL had placed him on a list designated for players whose teams have restraining orders against them, joining Antonio Brown, whom the Entire NFL had a restraining order against, while the Seahawks and Panthers followed with restraining orders of their own.



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