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Chucky To Distance Himself From John Gruden After Latest Email Leaks

Las Vegas, NV-Serial killer doll Chucky, a doll that was possessed by the soul of a violent murderer announced Monday that he would be distancing himself from Jon Gruden following an email leak. The email leak in questioned revealed Gruden had made homophobic comments, racist comments, and sexist comments. "When I first meet John in 2002, he never expressed any such thoughts or beliefs to me", said Chucky. "Outside of joking about how he would like to murder his team and going into graphic detail, Gruden seemed like your normal well-adjusted NFL coach. What John Gruden said last week is unacceptable. It does not represent me. Everyone knows I kill people. But I would never judge an individual on the basis of their race. Chucky was a nickname to John but to me it was always a sign of a kindred soul. Today that mutual belonging and understanding ends. I'm reminded of an old quote by my mother...Knives and machetes may not break my bones, but words can always hurt you", Concluded Chucky who was midway through murdering someone during the interview. When asked about the possibilities of murdering Gruden in a sequel called Chucky V Chucky, Chucky stated, "it's entirely possible". At press time an email thread of Chucky had been leaked in which he called actress and star Christine Elise a "stuck-up bitch".

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