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Carolina Mixed Reality Panther Gets Loose, Kills 14 Fans, 5 women, and 1 child

Charlotte, NC-The Carolina Mixed Reality Panther, their digital mascot that was known to take strolls around the stadium often using its incredible strength to propel it from one billboard to another broke free Sunday night. The Panther wreaked havoc on the stadium and fans. Originally supposed to display the powers of Mixed Reality, the Panther began to disobey direct orders from its trainer. The Panther first attacked the lower deck of fans targeting women and children. The Panther then moved up to the second deck where it targeted the elderly and killed several men. Finally, the Panther was restrained through the use of a Mixed Reality shock collar. This isn't the first time the controversial Mascot has struck. During his introduction ceremony, the Mixed Reality Panther killed Sir Purr. When Owner Dave Tepper was asked about the coincidental nature of all the deaths caused by the Panther being Eagles fans, Dave Tepper simply sat in his chair, stroked his pet panther, and began to cackle evilly.



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