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Calvin Ridley Admits Correlation Between Mental Health Break, Gambling

Atlanta, GA-During his latest press conference after being suspended 1 full NFL season for gambling on sports, Calvin Ridley elaborated on his mental health break from earlier this year. "As many of you have suspected, my mental health break was the result of slowly losing my sanity from gambling", said Ridley. "I have been hit, concussed, broken my ribs, been spit on, and had ankle sprains in addition to the the brain damage I have most certainly suffered over the years. But nothing came close to the pain I felt time and time again after losing several bets over the course of the year. What made it worse, was when I started getting into betting on fantasy football. If you think losing bets sucks, try a dynasty league". At press time gambling and fantasy addicts everywhere announced Ridley was "our guy".



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