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Brian Flores Demands More Brian Flores Representation Among Head Coaches In New Lawsuit

New York, NY-Brian Flore's Lawyers announced they would be filing a suit against the NFL for anti-floreism after discovering that not a single team was currently being coached by Brian Flores. "The NFL has a disgusting lack of Brian Flores, despite him being the greatest coach of all time", said Flore's Lawyer. "Even more alarming is their decision to hire Lovie Smith when Brian Flores was available. Nearly 10% of the coaching candidates this season were Flores, yet 0% of coaches are Flores. It speaks to the systemic oppression of Flores when he's not getting jobs due to petty things like "burning bridges with your franchise QB, or "being a locker room cancer" and even things such as "losing games and failing to make playoffs." Can one imagine how a white coach, such as Urban Meyer, would be treated under the same circumstances?" At press time Hue Jackson's Lawyers decried the NFL due to it's lack of Hue Jackson representation.



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