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Brady Wondering If It's Too Late To Slip Back Into Retirement

Tampa Bay, FL-Following a string of disappointing performances and a loss, Brady was caught quietly wondering if he could go back to that whole retirement thing. "Maybe I could just tell people that I never actually unretired? Or find a way to blame this on Adam Schefter? People sure don't like that guy...or I could say that it was actually Blaine Gabbert the whole time in disguise... If Geno can succeed, I'm sure he can." Brady, who was returning for his 85th season also mentioned family time being a big motivator behind the move. "Maybe I could spend some time with my wife, the Brazilian Model and my children, Benjamin, Vivian, and What's his name", displaying more love for his family than he had for the past 23 years. "The Bucs have Blaine Gabbert, they'll be fine", reassured Brady as he disregarded how his parenting style had impacted members of the Buccaneers including Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Leonard Fournette, all of whom's names, Brady was able to remember. At press time, Brady had announced plans to introduce Patrick Mahomes to the family as the grandfather in the midst of his re-retirement.



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