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Bloodied Isaiah Stewart Still Residing In Lakers Stadium Tunnels Waiting For Lebron To Return

LA,CA-After a 4 day manhunt that resulted in no known location of the whereabouts of Isaiah Stewart, Isaiah Stewart revealed he was hiding within the Lakers stadium. "Y'all ever seen phantom of the opera? That's some spooky shit. Think of me as the phantom of this stadium. And I'm never gonna leave. Not until Lebron gets what's coming to him". Despite living on a buffet of stadium food, Stewart appeared to be in good spirits and health. "I haven't seen outside of my left eye in over 24 hours. That's okay though because when I'm done with Lebron he's gonna be blind in two eyes. He'll feel the pain I felt, the abandonment by my team and friends. We'll see how many people love him when he's disabled". Stewart was also wanted in connection to the disappearance of Lebron James Wife and Children. " If he doesn't show up alone, Savannah is gonna disappear.... permanently...", said Stewart. At press time, Stewart had been engaged in a basketball shootout with police.



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